May 31, 2009


Recently i was in Pune. It is really very interesting and beautiful city. The people, food, lots of cultural activities, forts, lots of vehicles, healthy air.... oh really i just liked the Pune city. There I visited the Pu la Deshpande garden on Sinhghad Road. The garden is also know as the Pune Okayama Friendship Garden or the Japanese Garden.
I think this garden is the best garden I've ever seen. The whole garden is based on Japanese gardening method.The garden is full of plenty of beautiful flowers, mini-waterfall, bushes,tress....The garden has a small lake at the center which enhances the beauty of whole garden.The most lovely thing about this garden which I noticed is calmness. One can hear only bird's sweet voices in that garden.
So whenever you'll go to pune please visit that garden and experience the beauty of nature....

May 15, 2009


secularism!!! We all know the theory but practically we don't seem to be agree with this concept. If the person of any other religion tries to interact with us, our first reaction is a doubt.... reason being, blind religious view which we get from childhood and using this 'religion concept' many bad people get benefited.

anyways, i don't want to talk more about this, but i became introspective about this Different Religions fact due to my 2 experiences. first experience was, i was traveling from train some months ago. there was lot of crush. after long time finally i got the window seat. i was so happy!! meanwhile one Muslim lady sat near my seat which was empty. She had a little girl with her, about 3-4 years age. The little girl wanted to see the running pictures outside the window, but her mother was restricting her from going towards the window besides me. May be lady understood that i am of other religion, that's why she was trying to keep little girl away from me. I was also watching that Muslim lady doubtfully and was trying to avoid the touch of that little innocent girl. Actually if there had a little Hindu girl instead of that Muslim girl then i would treated that little Hindu girl by caressing, i would show her outside fun. But at that time she was only a Muslim so... in this whole thinking, i just saw the little girl's face. how innocent she was!!! She had very different emotions on her face. Really children doesn't know the different religions and fighting among them. We are the people who tell them that you are from this 'religion' not from other 'bad Religion'. Really we are the only first persons who inculcate on their mind the blind religious instructions. Otherwise how those innocent children come to know about the Religions, caste etc.?? I started thinking like that and i unknowingly picked up that little girl and seat near window besides me. This happened in only few seconds. That Muslim lady also started looking at me surprisingly. But my attention was not there. I was just watching the sweet, smiling, innocent face of that little girl....

second experience was only few days ago, i don't know but i was feeling so uncomfortable. I was Walking on the road, saw Saibaba temple;went there. I bowing low in front of Saibaba. Face of Saibaba was so delighted and promising. I felt better. while leaving the temple i saw one Muslim person, praying in Muslim style in front of Saibaba. The emotions of mine and that person were the same while praying to the Saibaba but only difference was ,his praying style was Muslim and mine was Hindu. We both were bowed low towards one person only i.e. Saibaba. He was saying "YA ALLA", and I was saying "HE DEVA". What a surprise!! we had given the different names to the same POWER or same REVEREND PERSON. can u tell me is this called DIFFERENT RELIGIONS???

Don't know. I don't know much about this religious things but why we keep GOD or CHRIST or ALLA or other reverend persons in boxes??? We tell them that those many persons are in your 'team' others are not. Who are we to decide this religious partition?? This religious concepts are introduced only by us and because of this many bad people in the society gets benefited.

What is GOD or CHRIST or ALLA or other reverend persons of other religions? according to me, It is only a POWER or UNKNOWN RESPECTABLE THING which drives the whole world or Universe. We all are living under the influence of which soever religion.... From that only selfishness, hate, greed, jealousy arises. Any religion is neither superior nor inferior. All religions are great due to their respective principles. If we really want to worship of GOD or CHRIST or ALLA or other reverend persons of other religions firstly we have to look inside of us. First realize yourself then try to know others. While talking about this different religions, While living life, we all forget although there are different religions we have one great important religion for all i.e. humanity. The maintenance of Humanity is our first duty.