February 12, 2010

Come on, let's watch My name is Khan...!!!!

Hello all, now days we all are aware about what is happening in Mumbai and other parts of the Maharashtra about this film. The so called protesters doesn't have any compliant about the containts in the film but the actor SRK who has made comment about the participation of the PAK players in the IPL.... THEY want SRK to apologise them about this comment, according to them his comments were against the nation. That's why the posters are being torn and theatres are being targeted.

According to me this all is Bull shit!!! Who are they to decide which comments are for/against nation?? Have they ever thought about the whole nation
?? Their strategy is to only play the EMOTIONAL-GAME with the MARATAHI MANUS.... Any ways i don't want to argue on this type of politics.

I am going to watch this film and i am appealing to you all from this medium of blog to just go and watch the MNIK!!! Because these people have made mockery of law and order... we have to just answer them that we will not accept this kind of politics. We will go and watch the film MNIK....