September 24, 2008


We can not even imagine how vast our universe is! There are so many galaxies in our universe, and billions of stars in each galaxy. The galaxy in which our solar system is present, we call it as Home Galaxy. In this Home Galaxy also many luminous stars are there, our sun is also one of them. But it is very tiny as compared to other stars.

So we can at least judge how big universe is! But in this whole universe, no other planet has suitable conditions for life (until this moment!) except our Earth.

The reason for telling this is God seems to be very merciful about Earth. The structure and main factors of the Earth are very favorable for creation and bringing up of life. The gases like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon di oxide, hydrogen etc… existing in small or big quantities on Earth. Among these gases, oxygen is very much essential for life. Earth has land as well as water. Sources of water are river, lake, oceans, glaciers, groundwater, and etc. animals need food for surviving. This food we can get from trees. We get shelter from nature.

Like wise we get food, cloths, and shelter from Earth. The things needed for survival of humans and other animals are easily available on Earth. That’s why we called Earth as MOTHER EARTH. These all things we can get from Earth only not from other planets.
But human is destroying the caring, loving Mother Earth by his artificial activities. If it goes in same way, one day Earth will be destroyed completely.

So Earth is god gift to the humans, and her prosperity is our duty.

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