January 19, 2009

Change (Yes We Can)

Change. Change is always needed in our life. We often say system should change, politicians should change and something should be changed. But how many of us understand that the change always starts from ourselves.
System won't change, unless i am not changing myself. So change always starts from me. The effects of change can be observed later, but it has to be started from ourselves.

So i've decided to change myself, first of all i want to change my political view. I won't blame politicians directly for any event because if they are guilty then i am also guilty that much only. Reason being, i was also the part of choosing that person as leader. So there is no point in blaming. Instead of this i'll vote for correct and responsible person as a leader. But then you say there are very few responsible people in politics, others are not. So there is no point in voting. This is wrong. We have right and we have to utilize it. There is 'no option' option is also present on voting machine by which we can vote to none of the politicians. This option can enforce re-elections! . So i think there should not be any reason for not voting. Remember we can improve system by voting maximum percentage.

Second important thing i would like to change is about electricity saving. We all know load shading problem very well and we have to use electricity carefully but this is theory that we all know. but in practice I rarely act according to that. But now onwards I’ve decided to switch off the fan and tube light while leaving the room. I won't use electric geyser(a geyser eats up 39% of all household electricity). I won't leave electrical appliances on stand by mode as it is still using up electricity and wastes a considerable amount of energy.

The water wastage problem. Besides using renewable energy in the home to cut back on the use of electricity, we must also learn how to save our water supply. I'll close the tap when it is not needed. I’ll check for leaks in taps, pipes, washing machines and dishwashers which can cause over 2,000 liters of water per month to be wasted.

Another most important thing i would like to change is I’ll bring metal lord ganesh idol in my house during 'ganeshostav' not the clay ganesh idols. Because it causes great water pollution.

Crackers during diwali one another horrible thing!!! In childhood i used to enjoy it like others. But now I realize that it causes very dangerous gas and noise pollution.(increase in level of pollution by 50 to 100 %.)
These are some of the simple things that which i am going to change in myself. I hope you will also change yourself if you really want to see the change in surrounding......

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Unknown said...

Your thought is excellent
just follow it
mostly abt politician
other things evn if dont change can be managed
bt be responsible, sensible
and implement evrything whatever u wnt to change