October 30, 2009

We Are What We Think

Our mind
Mind! very dangerous place from where all our thoughts gets originate. The thoughts of ourselves, thoughts of relations, thoughts of friends, thoughts of work, thoughts of just anything...
But mind is very cunning. It does not only creates thoughts but after that it starts the 'Thinking
process'. thinking! again harmful for us. because it results into some answer or way to find the answers. and this is the root of the problem. We just want the result,We just want the conclusion.No doubt, we have to think!! We are intelligent human beings.We have achieved so much with the help of thinking only! The idea comes from thinking.So thinking is required.

We are what we think!
We are what we think! The way in which we think, we become like that only.... that's why the way of thinking should be little different from the common ones.

We try to find the result or conclusion or whatever may be with our Ideologies,which brings the comparison.... comparison of course brings some kind of emotions, because something is superior than other one. But comparison among the things is not so helpful always. It will not solve the problem. Everyone is unique, everyone has his/her own ideas,principles. So why comparison? Definitely comparison with good things will bring some good change in the things/humans. But there is one big problem, If we gets very useful with comparing the things always, then after some time we just compare and try to find the mistakes. after that we see only mistakes, mistakes and mistakes.... This brings some kind of negativeness in us. We gets surrounded by negative power. Negative attitude creates overall bad changes in us.

Positiveness in thinking
Thinking should always be positive. It definitely results into success! sometime we have to see other side also like ''if this will not happened then what should I do?'' this is not the negativeness but the watching the opposite fact.

Sometimes We think by making some assumptions, which are may be true or false but we consider the things and prepare some image of particular thing/person. This is only one-side thinking. We do not see the other sides or possibilities.We just goes on making images!! Any issue/thing may have number of dimensions but we consider only one of them for making 'Last result' easier!!

Original thinking
We read a book which is very famous, very interesting! If our friend asks ''what is there in the book??'' We just start the whole tape which had been written by the writer in that book. But the intention of the question is 'what you have understood, what you have thought on the writer's words??'
Very rarely we do Original thinking.Many a times we use the copy of words,copy of others thoughts. In Marathi the great sant 'Tukaram Maharaj' use very beautiful, useful sentence at the end of every poem i.e. "TUKA MHANE" this is not only because the 'Tukaram Maharaj' is the writer but also It has the useful advice that 'I have told you this but what is your opinion,your thought on my saying???'
So we should think on what we have read, what exactly the writer want to say and why? This will create the original thinking!! and with original thinking we can survive in any situation because the original thinking helps us to reach deep into root of any situation or problem!!!

Want a big relief? watch the thoughts!!
Yes... If we are very tensed, very pressurised and at that time only we are very unstable due to many negative or unwanted thoughts in our mind then the biggest way of relaxing is just watching the thoughts!! It is a fun in watching the thoughts! Do not at all think on those thoughts! thoughts will come and go slowly slowly... but do not react on the thoughts at that time. Thoughts wants us to be reacted so that they can live longer in our mind. But we should not give them our mind to control!!Soon we can realise our thought process.

Mind has tremendous power of thinking!! If we can learn how to use it cleverly then we can surely be happiest person on the Earth. We can change our whole attitude,lifestyle,personality with the help of 'Thinking power'!!!
Life is so beautiful if we are able to see it correctly! so enjoy the life with some beautiful thoughts!!!
Have a nice day!



hey frnd nice post...u have captured almost evrything abt human's perceptions nd thinking habits

keep going :)

VeeKay said...



Tanima said...

Beautifully written!

Anonymous said...

well written dude

keep it up:)

Vipul Buwa said...

thank you very much guys for your comments..!!!

shashank said...

nice one vipul....
the mind is so powerful that it doesnt any know any boundaries...
Its upto us to exploit its full potential..

Aditya Bapat said...

Hi Vipul,

It was a nicely written post, I appreciate your 'independent thinking' and your courage to express your (quite arguable) thoughts openly.
Try to avoid 'antarvirodh'.
Keep it up. I am sure you are enjoying your writing which is very important.
All the best

Aditya Bapat