August 22, 2009

How to preapare GANPATI BAPPA'S favourite prasad i.e. Ukadiche Modak


½ cup Rice Flour
½ cup Water
2 tsp Ghee
A pinch of Salt

For the filling:

1 cup Coconut, shredded
½ cup Jaggery, grated
1 tsp Poppy Seeds, roasted

1 tsp Cardamom Powder

For the filling:
1) Heat a pan and put jaggery in it
2) When jaggery starts melting, add 1 tsp Ghee and coconut to it
3) Mix well and cook on medium heat for 5-6 mins
4) Add cardamom powder and roasted poppy seeds
5) Filling is ready, keep aside to cool

For the covering:
1) Boil ½ cup water, add ghee to it
2) Add rice flour to boiling water and miz well stirring continuously
3) Add salt, mix well and cook covered for 2-3 mins
4) Remove from heat and knead well into a soft flour when its hot
This dough is called Ukad and hence the name!

Putting it all together:
1) Divide the dough into small balls
2) Roll each ball to size of puris
3) Place this on the palm and add some filling to it
4) Bring together the ends in form of plates and form a tip and seal
5) Repeat the procedure for rest of the modaks

6) Put these modaks in a steamer/cooker

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