August 27, 2009

want to relax quickly...??

Nowadays We are very busy into our day to day life. We are under mental stress all the time. So there is need for our mind to be relaxed.Here are some tips for quick relaxation.

1]Take a deep breath – This can be done at anytime of the day and at any place. One can do while sitting at one’s desk. Let more oxygen into your body system. You will feel refreshed and relaxed completely. It eases out all tensions and frustrations. It does not require much effort

2] Go for a walk – Some fresh air will help you to relax and divert the mind. Apart from providing some physical exercise, a walk can also ensure a change in scene. It can be soothing on the nerves

3]A mental break – Few visualisations, imagery can divert the mind from the drudgery of work. They do not require much effort and will relax you both physically and mentally. The mind gets fresh and functions in a more alert manner

4]Change in outlook – Look at a given situation differently. Perhaps the way you are looking maybe causing much stress. Why not perceive it differently, search for different solutions, which may reduce the stress and tension. Be flexible in your
outlook. Receive new ideas, which can resolve the problem on hand easily

5]Progressive muscle relaxation – Relaxing all the muscles can reduce the physical and mental strain you are experiencing. The PMR technique can be carried out in the precincts of your office room and even while in a meeting you can relax th
e muscles.


Nethra said...

very helpful!!!!

Unknown said...

hello sir its good to see ur blogs & your effort it.well these all the things we all know but when the problem actually comes then its we luv to pass on rather than doing these absorbing with in by the tecquniques you mentioned. why is it so??